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Just thinking about the day of our birthday is enough to feel very excited and it is because we love the fact of being the center of attention, receiving the love of our family and some gifts.

Moreover, just as we would like it to be our birthday we should also celebrate the birthday of our friends; and thanks to the notifications that the social networks offer us, we have no excuse to forget them. Share your best feelings with your loved ones on their birthdays, for this you can make use of the phrases that you will find which are totally free.

Download happy birthday text messages and SMS for Whatsapp :

:: “On this wonderful day we are celebrating a very special event: you are celebrating one more year of life. Thousands of congratulations! "

:: “The emotion invades me because a very special date has arrived, in which the person I most love in the world is celebrating another year of life. Congratulations!"

:: “I know you are very busy, but this day only comes once a year and is very special. I wish you Happy birthday! "

:: “I wish that this day would be full of beautiful moments, many hugs and gifts for you. I wish you a Happy birthday!"

romantic birthday messages - what to write on a card?:

:: “I send you the most affectionate of all my hugs and my sincere congratulations ,I love you very much. Happy birthday!"

:: “It is amazing how time is moving so fast, we are older and have our families, but our friendship remains intact. Enjoy your day! "

:: “You are one of those people who do not need luck, because you achieve everything with your effort and dedication. You're admirable! Happy birthday!"

:: “Life is giving you a new year, so live it to the fullest, make your dreams come true and live many joys. I wish you a Happy birthday!"

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Find best happy birthday my love best wishes :

:: “God has blessed you with a beautiful family and there is not a greater gift in life than celebrating your birthday with them. Happy birthday!"

:: “My dear mother, today is your birthday, which is why we will be with you celebrating and giving you all our love. Enjoy a Happy birthday! "

:: “May the most beautiful gifts you receive on this day leave directly from the hearts of your loved ones. Happy birthday!"

:: “You have many successes in your life, but still many more wait for you. I want to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you prosperity! "

:: “Happy birthday! May God fill you with blessings and fill your life with joy and beautiful moments”. Showing your affection can be the best gift you can give to someone on his birthday. Continue to frequent our website and you will have at your fingertips the most varied selection of phrases and messages. See you soon!

Top happy birthday wishes

birthdays are very significant because they are the celebration of our existence in this world. If someone important in your life is celebrating another year of life, you have to celebrate with him!

although we cannot give a gift to each and every one of the people we know in their birthday, we can dedicate a message from the bottom of our hearts. We will help you with some phrases that you can use freely.

Do not ignore the birthdays of your social network contacts, send them any of the phrases you'll find right away and you'll be giving them a very special detail that they will value a lot.

Latest happy birthday Whatsapp greetings :

:: “Can you imagine how many nice gifts you will receive? but there is no greater gift than receiving the care and attention of your loved ones. Happy birthday!"

:: “You are a great person, maybe the best I know, and as your birthday is today I send you this greeting with all my love. Congratulations!"

:: “You have noble and fantastic dreams to realize, so I wish the best for you to make them come true. Happy birthday!"

best birthday love messages for Messenger :

:: “Dear friend, may this day be one of the greatest and happiest of your life. I send you a big hug and my most sincere congratulations”.

:: “When I first carried you in my arms I saw you so fragile and tender that you touched my heart. My beautiful daughter, I wish you a very Happy birthday! "

:: “I send you my best wishes, enjoy a Happy birthday and that your life would be full of many achievements, joy and love. Congratulations!"

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:: “What a wonderful gift it has been to meet you and enjoy your friendship. I ask God to fill you with blessings and I wish you a Happy birthday! "

:: “This world would be a very beautiful place if there were more people like you. With a big hug, I wish you a Happy birthday! "

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Unique romantic birthday wishes for my girlfriend :

:: “God does not stop pouring blessings on you, now is the time for you to celebrate another year of life. Congratulations! "

:: “I really admire the effort with which you have achieved so many triumphs in your life and I know that many more await you. I want to wish you a very Happy birthday! "

:: “You are fulfilling one more year, but you remain as young, radiant and joyful as ever. May happiness accompany you every day of your life! "

:: “Such a special occasion deserves to be celebrated! I send you a message with all my love. Happy birthday!"

:: “Prosperity, success and happiness is what I want in your life. Celebrate a birthday filled with joy, in the company of those you love most”.

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Super sweet birthday love messages for lovers
Did you like these phrases? Then always keep them handy and use them every time you receive a birthday notification, if you want to always have the most original phrases then continue to visit us frequently. We'll see you soon!

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