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What is a sweet romantic message
for her at night?

When we go to rest to our bedroom at night, which we call our space, we leave aside all the problems of the day and it would be very comforting to receive a beautiful Whatsapp message from the person we love.

Do not forget that any demonstration of affection is meaningful when you want to cultivate your relationship and this kind of details feed the soul and contribute to this enrichment. In this article we give you a list of Good night love phrases for Whatsapp that we are sure will be of your pleasure and that when sharing will cause much joy to your partner.

Download best Good night
love phrases for Whatsapp

:: “My love , tomorrow will be a better day but right now just put your mind blank and just in how much I love you, in all plans that we have and that life together is beautiful. Our love is greater than the whole Universe; we are born for each other. I adore you with all my heart. Sweet dreams”.

:: “You are my soul and my heart, darling. I want to wish you a beautiful night and when in the arms of Morpheus you would fall asleep thinking in our love. You are a wonderful man and I am sure that the best thing that has happened to me is to fall in love with you”.

:: “I’m very happy to know that you are already resting and that you could fulfill your entrusted tasks. I am proud of you my life, I know that you will continue on the road of success and I will always be by your side to support you. Rest well. Kisses”.

:: “good evening darling, I send you these words with all the love that can fit in the universe, wishing you sweet dreams, because the person who changed my world deserves everything good even when he sleeps. Good night, dream with angels”.

:: “My queen, I send you this message full of love, to wish you Good night. I want to remind you that I feel respect, admiration, but above all much love. There is no doubt that you are the woman I want to spend the rest of my days with. Rest my beloved”.

Good night love cards
with romantic quotes
for Whatsapp

:: “It's because of you that I am the person you see at the moment, I am at the same time someone who seeks to take care of your dreams and wants to lodge in a forest all infinite beauty just to show it to you. I love you infinitely; I wish you Good night and sweet dreams”.

:: “I don’t like when I see you so exhausted, I would be very glad to know that you are already sleeping and that you are dreaming with us on a cute beach walking on the seashore and watching a beautiful sunset”.

:: “Darling, I send these love words to express how much I miss you. So have sweet dreams and I promise that tomorrow we will be together. You are the owner of my heart. I love you my life, see you tomorrow”.

:: “Darling, I know your day was very busy and that you only want to take a bath and sleep; so recover energies and tomorrow you will feel like new. Do not forget how much I love you and that the most important thing that I have in life is you. Have nice dreams”.

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Sweet and romantic Good night
love messages

:: “They say that angels do not exist but every time I see you I can say that they exist. You are my angel who came to my life to give me joy and much love. What I most desire right now is to rest by your side but in the meantime I wish you Good night and see you tomorrow”.

:: “Today has been a beautiful day for both of us, we have been able to concretize some of our plans and that makes me feel very happy and proud; now it's time to go to sleep so we can continue with our goals tomorrow. I love you very much my king”.

:: “Your beauty can be compared to this starry and infinite night. When I look at you, it only comes to mind your beauty, the meaning of your existence in my life and my desire to make you happy forever. Have sweet dreams, my love”.

:: “Life is incredibly beautiful and worth every moment that I spend with you. That being so, how not to wish you Good night, for being the most courageous, respectful and admirable woman I know? I love you so much”.

:: “You are a pure and courageous woman. With your effort you go forth and bring all those around you afloat. That's why and for being a good person that I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Sweet dreams, my love, may you dream with angels”.

Good night love messages
for Messenger

:: “Your beauty and joy take are some of your virtues. Your laugh is music to my ears, and your presence adorns the world. I'm so lucky to have you by my side, and to be able to count on you. Good night sweet Princess, see you tomorrow”.

:: “You are my most precious treasure; you are the best thing that has happened to me, and that is why these words go wishing you sweet dreams my love. Tomorrow I hope to see you beaming and happy as you always are. I love you infinitely”.

:: “I wish you Good night my dear, for being the great person that you are, to fill my life with light, and because good people deserve good things. I hope you rest so that tomorrow you shine with all your intensity. I love you”.

:: “good evening, my queen. I write to you not only to wish you sweet dreams, but also to remind you everything you mean for me, and without you I doubt my life would have the meaning that it has now. I love you infinitely, never forget it ”.

May you have golden dreams
best Whatsapp text messages

:: “How to go to sleep without wishing you sweet dreams? My beloved, you are the most important reason why I wake up every day. I love you infinitely, see you tomorrow”.

:: “It will be your smile perhaps the cause of my sleeplessness, or perhaps the depth of your look that makes me blind when walking. Whatever the reason, I can say, that with your presence you achieve more than what you propose, you managed to make me fall in love with you. Sweet dreams, my queen, see you soon”.

:: “There are innumerable words that describe you; you are brilliant and good person. I love you infinitely, accepting the defects and virtues, just as you accept mine. I want you to have sweet dreams. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day. I love you infinitely, never forget it ”.

:: “You are the queen of a story that has no end, you are the queen of those around you, and you are the queen of my heart. Undoubtedly, I must thank life for crossing our paths, uniting them in a single feeling. Rest my queen. Do not forget that I adore you with devotion”.

:: “I wish you Good night; I hope you rest well, and that tomorrow you look more radiant than ever. You are a sun that illuminates every morning and makes my life worth living. I love you infinitely. See you tomorrow at lunch”.

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What's a flirty way to say goodnight?

:: “The night is infinite as my feelings towards you. You changed my whole life with your presence, and I will always thank you for that. I want you to rest and tomorrow we will spend the whole day together. I love you”.

:: “Today, It was quite difficult to be together, but I don’t want to finish our days without telling you how much I love you. I wish you darling sweet dreams. I promise that this weekend we will have a great time. I love you so much! "

a word full of affection is what a woman wants to read before bed. because of that is that we have shared these beautiful Good night messages. We hope that your partner close his/her eyes and at the same time smile for you. Until another chance, don’t forget that we always have new phrases.

Good night texts to my Queen

For those in love, they know that love is a feeling that comes along with happiness, unity, respect, loyalty and much more. Loving and being loved is the most beautiful thing that can happen to humans, they are rewarding and appreciated moments of life that many would like to experience.

When two people are completely sure of what they feel, they try to stay connected 24 hours a day, be aware of each other, in order to ensure the welfare of both and many more things.

This time we wanted to offer you a list of nice Good night texts for your girlfriend that we are sure you will like; you can share them via a text message, through social networks such as twitter or facebook and instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, among others.

There is no need for a special occasion to dedicate a nice text, so now would be a good time.

How can I impress a girl
with good night message?

:: “Baby, I had a wonderful day today, as every day with you is amazing. Living with you new experiences each day makes me fall in love with you all over again. I wish you have sweet dreams my love”.

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:: “I am sorry I have to say goodbye but it is late and I wish you a Good night. Rest assured that upon waking up I will send you a big hug. Rest well”.

:: “I was so lucky to have found you in my way, I am very grateful to life for that. You are a great woman, by your side hours fly by and I want days to be eternal. May you sleep well my love”.

:: “What I want most in life is to give you the best, to see you smile, protect you, take care of you and especially love you with the depths of my being. See you tomorrow my queen”.

:: “Thanks to you I learned to appreciate the simple things in life, I learned that there will always be a new dawn and that we must know how to live through the good and the bad moments that life throws at us. I love you so much my love and I want you to sleep with the angels”.

Good night messages for her

:: “Love of my life, you made my world change abruptly from a lifeless gray to a beautiful paradise. This message is for you with all the love in the world. I honestly hope that tonight you enjoy the sweetest dreams of all, my dear queen”.

:: “Good night to the most beautiful Princess in the world, the one I hope will one day become my beautiful queen. I love you honey. Sleep well, and wait for me, for I soon will be joining you in your dreams”.

:: “You’re so beautiful that the moon gets jealous at your sight, which is why tonight, I look up at heaven and say Good night to you, my love. Never turn off that beautiful smile. I love you for all of eternity and you can count on that”.

:: “I love that technology has advanced so much that I can send you pictures and receive pictures at every moment. I send you a big kiss and I hope you rest well in the arms of Morpheus”.

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Sweet dreams phrases for her

:: “Since you came into my world I knew that happiness had come into my life, I did not need anything more to feel fully realized. I thank you for having opened the doors of your hear to me. Good night”.

:: “What saddens me the most about nights is that we have to be separated for a few hours; what would I give to stay by your side forever. Hopefully that time will come soon to our lives; you will see how happy we will be together. I adore you, may you have a Good night”.

:: “Life is beautiful when I am by your side. good evening my love, remember you can always count on me. I love you infinitely. Sweet dreams, my beautiful queen”.

:: “Good night, my beautiful queen. I hope that the most beautiful and tender thoughts will linger in your sleep. May your sweet dreams always come true. Rest tonight, as we have the whole day tomorrow to be together. I love you”.

:: “You are a fountain of beauty and joy, that is why I fell hopelessly in love with you. I love you, my queen, have a Good night, my great love and do not worry, for we will meet again soon”.

Good night greetings & pictures

:: “good evening, my queen, the sweetest of all ladies. I send you a Good night kiss before going off and dreaming of your innocent beauty. Until tomorrow my love, I assure you that this wait is going to feel like an agony, for I am truly desperate to see you again”.

:: “Good night, my beautiful queen, my heart's desire. You are in my mind every day and every minute and you are the most important part of my world. Never forget that I love you forever, my sweet love. You are precious in every single way, for your soul is true and caring, and that makes me fall in love all over again every day I share with you”.

:: “This is just a little text to tell you that I love you and that I would like to kiss you Good night. I pray that this great feeling that unites us lasts forever. I wish you dream with me today as I will do with you”.

:: “I have no doubt that the love that unites us is true and that it will take us to the altar and that that day I will be immensely happy. For now I can only wish that you have a Good night my life”.

When the love between two people is sincere, pure, loyal and respectful, there is nothing or no one that can separate them. They may go through many circumstances but this great feeling that unites them will always prevail. Share these wonderful texts with your girlfriend and wish her a Good night.

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