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When it is the birthday of someone important in your life, it is time for celebrating and having a good time. Now that the birthday of the person you are in love is coming you should express your best feelings and wishes.

but if this is difficult for you because you are not inspired, we are here to help you.  In the following lines you will find some letter examples of best wishes for your love in his/her birthday. Read them and dedicate the one you most like.

Birthday letters for her

My love, I want this day to be very special because today is your birthday and because I want to open my heart to tell you all the nice feelings you wake up in me, you have become the most important person I have in this world, you are my reason for being, the source of my happiness and my most powerful motivation to face this world.

Sometimes I think that the adequate words to express all my feelings for you do not exist, but I hope that when you read this letter you can feel the immense love I have for you in my heart and that you understand everything that I want to express to you on this opportunity.

I perfectly remember the day in which I saw you for the first time because it was as if at that moment I was hit by one of Cupid’s arrows, as if time had stopped completely and everyone had gathered around you to allow me to fully appreciate the magnitude of your beauty, which got my heart beating with a completely different pace all of a sudden.

That is love, I love you as of the very first time I saw you. I did the impossible in order to meet you and have the opportunity to speak a few words with you and even if I felt a little afraid, I found the courage to look for your friendship and having had the opportunity to get to know you little by little was just wonderful.

Love birthday card 1:

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I realized that besides being a very beautiful woman, you also have beautiful feelings in your heart and as if that were not enough, you are also very intelligent and have a great sense of humor that makes me feel incredibly happy with you.

The next step was not easy because I wanted to conquer your heart and find out if you also felt all those feelings that you woke up in my heart, if it was reciprocal, but I was not willing to give up, so I began showing you my intentions and amid complicit smiles, I could realize that you were also falling in love with me.
When our hands touched for the first time was amazing, our feelings gradually started growing and then we were staring into each other’s eyes and subtly approached until our lips touched and we felt that the most tender, sweet and true love in our hearts.

We have been accomplices in many beautiful adventures that have helped us strengthen the great love between you. Today we have the opportunity to live one more adventure and celebrate your first birthday together. I can say without doubt that our love will transcend the threshold of time and will last all eternity.

You are my one and only love and nothing in this world will make me stop loving you. I want this to be an unforgettable day and that we celebrate your birthday amid great joy. You are everything to me, and our love is true. With all my love, I wish you a Happy birthday!

Sweet birthday letters
for boyfriend

Beloved boyfriend:

Upon receiving this letter you will feel great joy because we are celebrating a very special day today that I could never forget.

Since I have your love, every day has turned into unique moments with great significance for the two of us and that allow us to strengthen this beautiful feeling, called love, between the two of us.

Love birthday card 2:

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I can still remember all those crazy things you did to show me all of your love and how you never gave up, until I realized that you had not only had managed to plant a love seed in my heart but that it had sprouted and was growing really fast because you took care of it very well and you kept nurturing that wonderful feeling with each one of your cute details.

I realized that you had not only good intentions in your heart, but also that your feelings were pure and that you wanted the best for me, so nothing makes you happier than awakening a great happiness in me; also I can see a glow in your eyes that shows me that your feelings are real and that they convey all the love in your heart.
You managed to conquer my heart and you have not settled with starting a nice relationship with me, but every day you prove that our love is destined to continue throughout the years, for the rest of our lives and perhaps beyond, for the whole eternity.

I love you with all the strength of my being and I am completely confident that there is no man in this world that is more attractive than you, that has such an amazing intelligence and above all a heart full of the most wonderful feelings, which makes me fall in love for you every day all over again.

I want to thank you for making so much effort to conquer my heart, but also for changing my life completely and showing me that it can be very beautiful, that in this world there are very good and completely selfless people and also for showing me that our dreams can come true.

I promise you that I will be with you every single day of our lives, that I will answer to all your expressions of love and that I will let you know that you are everything to me, my one and only love and that I will never give up being with you even when everyone is against us.

Let us celebrate your birthday in the midst of love and joy, let us love each other with all our strength and never stop fighting for this beautiful relationship that has transformed us completely, becoming the cutest couple the world has seen.

When you receive this nice letter I want your heart to race, I want you to feel that you love me more than ever and I want you to get ready because your birthday celebration will be a nice memory that you will remember forever. With all my love I wish you a very happy birthday, my prince charming.

Heartfelt birthday letters
for wife

My love:
as we are celebrating your birthday, I write you this letter to express all the beautiful feelings that are born in my heart because of the great love that unites us and prove that you are the woman of my life.

First of all I want you to know that marrying you was the best decision I ever made in my life and that has not been a single day in which I have even doubted for a moment that our love is true and that our destiny is to be together to form a beautiful family and find happiness in it, every day of our lives.
I want to thank you because every time you do something for me I can feel the immense love you have for me, either through a delicious meal, by keeping order at home or in the way you greet me when I get home from work.

I just have to look into your eyes to realize that you love me with all your strength and that every time I have you in my arms and I feel your heart beating strongly, I realize that you and I are one.

I will never forget all the beautiful moments we have shared together since the time when we first met, you did all those things to win my heart and once you conquered it you still made the love between us continue growing.

I know we have been through very difficult times and that sometimes we have had to face great difficulties, but you have always been there for me and you have given me your complete support to keep me from falling and to keep my spirits as high as possible. You and I are a great team and I know we can make all of our dreams come true.

I promise that I will make my best effort and that I will never give up because I love you until the last breath of my life remaining. beloved wife, you are the love of my life and I want you to know that I see you as beautiful as the first day I met you and although time has passed, your heart is intact, full of beautiful feelings and of a love  that knows no limits or barriers.

We are made for each other and we also have the blessing God gave us when we were at the altar and promised that our love would last forever.
My beautiful wife, we are a very happy family without doubt and next to our children we will not only experience a great joy, but we will also understand the meaning of life because we already know what the true meaning of love is. I hope this day us amazing, full of joy and that you enjoy all the nice surprises we have prepared for you because you deserve the very best.

May God bless you forever and I hope you remember that I will be by your side to give you my love every single day. Have a happy birthday, my one and only love.

Find cute birthday letters
for a husband

My beloved husband,

I am so happy with you and I love you so much that I wanted to express all my feelings in a letter and give it to you as a gift on this wonderful day in which we celebrate your birthday, so that every time you read it, you can relive over and over again all the beautiful moments we have shared together and all the ones we will share on the future.

To begin with, I want to thank you because I know that you love me with all your heart and that you make your best effort every day to give your kids and me the best and I realize that besides being a wonderful husband, you are also an incredible father and seeing you with them for just a second is enough to realize that you love them with all your heart.

It was amazing how this cute love story begun and believe me that I can remember almost all the things you did to try to win my heart and although I said no a few times, you never gave up and you tried even harder to prove that a wonderful life and a greater love than I had imagined were waiting for me by your side.

after conquering me completely and having started a wonderful relationship, your displays of affection did not stop there, but became even more frequent and more beautiful, so when you asked me to marry you, I did not think twice, I just got carried away by the happiness and love that you have always woken up in my heart.

Love birthday card 3:

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The start of our married was not easy and even with the few things we had and all that we needed, you and I both knew that our love was the most important and that if we stayed together and supported each other, we could move forward and gradually make all of our dreams come true.

I thank you so much for making me such a happy wife and for understanding that it having material things is not enough and that love is the basis of everything. Our great love has given us a beautiful daughter who is the joy of our hearts and has turned into a powerful reason to do much more to ensure a better tomorrow for her.

My beloved husband, I want to tell you that waking up by your side every day is a great blessing; nothing makes me happier than enjoying your company. You still have what drew me to you when we first met and especially the love I feel for you, is bigger than ever.

I love you with all my strength and you can be sure that I will love you every single day of our lives, so every time you read these beautiful words, think of me and the immense love that unites us .

Now is time to start celebrating this special occasion, so with all the love I feel for you, I want to wish a very happy birthday. Happy birthday!

Nice birthday letters
for my loved one

My darling:

I write you this letter with all my love and it is especially for you, the most beautiful woman my eyes have seen and also the most tender one of all, the smartest and the most noble to ever walk the face of the earth, because today is your birthday and I want it to be a very special gift.

I know our love story is just beginning, but my heart tells me that this is just the beginning of the most beautiful time of our lives and to think that it all started the I got to know you is just wonderful.

at first, I could not understand what was I was going on at that moment, but as we shared more time together, I could realize that I was falling in love with you and that all I wanted in life was to conquer your heart.

It was not easy to awaken such a great and intense love in your heart, but I was willing to do anything because every day that passed by I realized that you are a unique woman and that your love is the most precious treasure that can exist in the entire universe, so I started having nice details with you to try to show you my intentions and prove my love.

Love birthday card 4:

download romantic happy birthday letter to my boyfriend

I gradually felt that love started growing in your hear and all those times we stared at each other, all those time we laughed so hard, we always found the perfect excuse to be close to each other, embrace and enjoy of our company.

When I finally had the courage to declare my feelings and ask you to be my girlfriend, I felt my heart was racing of emotion, but all my fears went away when that huge smile of yours spread across your face, your eyes started shining and with the sweetest voice that I had ever heard in my life, you told me that you felt the same for me and you accepted me as your boyfriend.

We are living the most beautiful days of our lives and I want you to know that this is just a small sample of what is to come because in my heart I feel that our love is just going to get bigger, that we will share more happy moments and that if we stay together, there will be no problem that will be able to stop us, no person that will keep us from loving each other and even if the whole world is against us, our love will always triumph.

I love you with all my heart, my mind and my body and I can feel that as time goes by our feelings will become greater, so I promise that I will always be by your side, that I will comfort you when you are sad, that I will always make you laugh, that I will know how to understand you when you get angry and that above all, I will show you all the love I have for you and even more.

You are the Princess of my heart, now is the time to celebrate your birthday and we will celebrate it in the company of all the people who you love most because you deserve the best the world. Happy birthday, my one and only love!

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