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Not always when talking about love, it refers to happiness, however, in many cases love brings joy to people, therefore, in this article we will offer you cute love messages for your boyfriend.

The most beautiful love verses to declaim to your partner will be found here, so we hope they can help you in your relationship.

Lines below, we present you with new and original love text messages to send your partner whenever you want to surprise her, or simply tell her how deep your love is.

romantic love messages to make her fall in love

:: “Who do you think will make you think of me? after receiving this missive you will pay attention to what I feel for you because I am dying to tell you that you are the love of my life, I spend lots of time thinking about you, night and day you are in my mind and heart. I love you”.

:: “Receive a kiss of love, like many of the kisses that you give me when it dawns, but this kiss will have something special because it will seal our anniversary number five. I love you and will love you all my life”.

:: “I'm going to tell you that you are like a beautiful little dove that comes out of its nest to look for food for its pigeons. Thank you for always being aware of me, for having nice details. I adore you”.

:: “Someone is watching you, you do not know who he is, but you feel his gaze, so strong that he can read your mind just by looking at you. That's called telepathy and that's what I always feel when you're not by my side, but I know where you can be”.

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:: “I do not want to stop spending this day without telling you that you are the most beautiful man inside and out, your words and your actions are always the best and your physique dazzles me. I love you”.

:: “Congratulations to our love, I am surprised that we get along so well, that we penetrate our souls to create one, I feel happy and in good company with you, I hope you feel the same. I love you”.

:: “Let us live our love as we feel it, because we love and respect each other. Thanks for this cute relationship”.

:: “I send you a kiss and a huge hug because I need you to feel my presence, I cannot be physically, but I’m there spiritually. Do not forget I love you”.

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:: “Darling, take my hand, to always be together, it is true that the future is unpredictable but the heart speaks with acts and I do not want to let you go”.

:: “Forever we will be the most stable couple, because I find in you true love, and above all, respect for my person. Let's take care of our relationship, my love”.

:: “With affection I feel that all the love the world can give us is to take it and share it with those couples who believe they love each other, but they do not, custom is not love”.

:: “Blessed are the suitors that you have by your side, I would like to be one of them, but I restrain myself when I see you and I only limit myself to admiring you in silence”.

:: “ What happens to me is very difficult, I cannot stand to see you after so long, because my whole being is full of love for you. I miss you”.

We end this article with the most beautiful love poems to dedicate to your girlfriend, you can also find very cute love SMS to share with your boyfriend, who may be close or far way.

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Waking up to the side of the person you love should be very beautiful, especially if you feel his/her hugs. For those romantic people, we have created beautiful love phrases to dedicate to your partner.

In this opportunity we will offer you cute love verses to express your true feelings to whom you love.

Here you will find nice love poems to declare your partner, so he will know how much you care about him.

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:: “My dear, I am very happy to be by your side, you do not know how well it makes me to tell you that. love you very much”.

:: “My love for you is unique, I just want to make you happy and that gives me the energy to become a better person. I love you darling”.

:: “Honey, you are always in my mind, since the first day, you became the most important person to me and I live so happy next to you. I love you”.

:: “I never thought that our love would go so far, but you know how things are sometimes: unpredictables. I love you baby”.

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Thank you for sharing your love with me text messages

:: “I have a lot to give and almost nothing to receive, because I am in love with life waiting for someone to give me her love”.

:: “Remember that a single step is what we need to concrete our union, I want it to be perfect because I love you”.

:: “The good news comes in times of prosperity, so for this christmas you will receive a beautiful and incomparable surprise. I adore you”.

:: “Darling, I do not want to have to say no, it's just a matter of waiting for life to give you unexpected surprises”.

:: “I stared at the sky and found a beautiful face that reflected an image just like yours; did you became an angel?”.

Sweet and touching I love you Whatsapp text messages

:: “It is beautiful to be in love when love is reciprocal, when you receive from your partner a detail without asking, when you perceive that sublime feeling in the air, that is why I love you”.

:: “The other day I was remembering that first look you gave me, it was magical. Immediately I started loving you and that will never stop. No one will ever separate us”.

:: “I woke up radiant to dazzle my boyfriend. I love you honey; so much that I cannot shut up and will do everything to make you happy”.

:: “From my point of view the fact of having the happiness of knowing each other is a signal that we should be more than friends”.

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:: “I cannot stop loving you, wherever you are, I need you to know that my love for you is pure and strong, time goes by quickly and opportunities are new for everyone. Where are you honey? "

:: “Receive my kisses and hugs full of love, I need to see you again, I miss you when you leave my side, I love you too much”.

:: “Today I want to promise you that our love will always be the most important thing in my life; I will live to make you happy. I love you so much”.

:: “If this would be real love I would do anything to be with you. Sometimes I feel insecure because I feel you distant, but I do not lose hope, I know you will show me how much you care about me”.

:: “Remember me when you are not close to me as I will do. Our love is the best thing that could ever have happen to me and I am very grateful for that. I love you honey”.

We finish this article with the most beautiful love phrases to dedicate to your boyfriend, you can also find cute love texts to share with your girlfriend and make your relationship even better.

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When someone loves another person, the only thing this person wants to do is to give a sample of his/her love in any possible way that comes to his/her mind, it might be with a beautiful gift or maybe by sending a tender message of love.

a small SMS that shows him how much love you have for him will make this person feel loved and appreciated at the same time.

Here we leave you a list of romantic messages you can send to your boyfriend on the phone. You will see how he feels touched and he will want to give back all the love you gave him in his own words.

Check out our list and take as many messages as you want.

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:: “I am writing you just to tell you that there is one thing that I hope that you always keep in your mind: I love you”.

:: “Honey, I hope you have a nice day, and I hope to see you soon, because I cannot be without your presence. I love you so much”.

:: “I only hope that the sun will peek out in my window so that I can know that there will be another day in which I will be able to see your pretty eyes and dream of your beautiful smile”.

:: “My baby, I love you until eternity. Never leave me because I will feel lost without you. You are the light that lights up my days; I really hope that this post will fill you with joy”.

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:: “Thanks for being there whenever I need it, besides being my great love, you are my best friend”.

:: “To you from the bottom of my heart, because I had never felt this much love. I love you with all my heart, you turn my mornings magical, and I love you, my love”.

:: “There is one thing I will say on this day that is about to begin: Never doubt of my love. I love you”.

  :: “It is you who I sigh for, whom I dream of and the one for whom I would die. Do you feel the same, my love? "  

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:: “It is such a happiness to have been born in the same century you were born, my love. I love you like nobody else could possibly love you”.

:: “I want to dedicate a special melody to my sweet Princess. You are the one for whom my heart beats and I dream of you every moment. I love you more than my life”.

:: “You are the nicest thing that has happened to me. I am very grateful to God for sending me an angel as beautiful as you are. I will love you forever”.
:: “You and I will make of love an art, because it is not just about a feeling, but about something that the human being creates. You and I are the perfect example of “true love”. I love you forever.

Now you know, sending a nice message capable of raising the spirit of that special person is the least thing you can do to show him your affection.

Send your boyfriend a text message to tell him how much you love him and show him that you are original. On our website you can find many messages of love, friendship messages, and messages for each day and many tips on everything you need, and the best of all is that they are free.

We will be expecting you again around our site. See you soon!

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